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Morning Protein

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Morning Protein

At THE PROTEIN WORKS™ we understand the old adage that, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” This is why we created the morning protein section of the site. Containing our widely acclaimed Breakfast Fuel formula it’s been specifically designed to provide your body with everything it needs to start your day right whatever your training goals.

This includes a multi-source, timed release protein formulas as the base. This ensures you remain satiated throughout the day until at least lunch, but also its content of quick absorbing protein means you break the fast of sleeping as quickly and as effectively as possible. The macronutrient profile is then completed with some healthy fats and low glycaemic index carbohydrates to provide a slow and sustained release of energy throughout the day.

Lastly, like all product ranges on THE PROTEIN WORKS™ website, the Morning Protein section will continue to grow and offer more and more products choice. But like we always say, know the doors to the TPW™ laboratory are always open so if you have an ideas that you want to see added to the Morning Protein area of the site please do get on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or Instagram and let us know.

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    Breakfast Fuel is de ultieme proteïneshake voor het ontbijt. Hij is speciaal geformuleerd voor je voedingsbehoeften 's morgens. Breakfast Fuel herstart 's morgens je lichaam en voorziet het van de nodige brandstof. Deze innovatieve formulering bestaat alleen uit ingrediënten van topkwaliteit. Hij is bedoeld om je fysieke en mentale prestaties de hele dag door te bevorderen.

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