Choc Orange Protein Cake


Gooey, Rich and all things good, this chocolate orange seville cake is an absolute classic. Made using our Chocolate Silk Whey Protein 360 it’s lower in calories vs. it’s traditional rival, where we’ve removed most of the sugars and used our innovative whey protein blend to replicate this flavour..

Prep Time: 15 Minutes

Cook Time: 1 Hour 45 Minutes


Brownie Protéiné Au Chocolat


Calories: 334

Protein: 19.7g

Carbs : 12.5g

Fats : 10.8g

As featured in the Protein Baking Bible

What you'll need

4 eggs

170g coconut sugar

125g ground almonds

1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda

1 Scoop of TPW™ Chocolate Whey Protein 360

A Smidge of Butter (enough to line a pan)

2 Oranges

How to make

1.Preheat the Oven to 180c

2. Start by whisking the eggs with the coconut sugar, until a whitish mix is formed.

3. Add the ground almonds and whey protein into the mix, stirring in gently.

4. Grate 1 Whole Orange Zest into the mix, followed lastly by the bicarbonate of soda. Give the mix one last final thorough stir, ensure everything has mixed.

5. Take your mix and gently add it into butter greased pan and begin to cook in the oven

6. To check for when your cake has finished. Grab a long cocktail stick and place it into the centre of your cake, if it comes out of the cake clean, then the cake it done.

7. Allow the cake to cool for 45 minutes. And then finish by grating more orange zest over the top of the cake

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